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Properties of an Element: Oxygen

Interesting Properties and Uses

The Discovery and Origin of Oxygen
Physical and Chemical Properties
How Oxygen is Made
Interesting Properties and Uses

Interesting Properties
Oxygen is an active and life sustaining part of the atmosphere.
Oxygen is the most widely occurring element on earth.
Oxygen forms compounds with almost all chemical elements except the noble gases.
The liquid and solid forms of oxygen are a pale blue color.
Oxygen is colorless, odorless and tasteless.

Uses of Oxygen
Oxygen is used along with fuel gases in gas welding, gas cutting, oxygen scarfing, flame cleaning, flame hardening, and flame straightening.
The steel industry uses oxygen to enrich air and increase combustion temperatures in blast furnaces and open hearth furnaces.
Oxygen is used in many oxidation processes, such as the manufacture of ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, and synthesis gas.
Oxygen is used in the paper/pulp industry as a bleaching chemical.
Oxygen is used in hospitals and homes around the world for surgery, intensive care treatment, inhalation therapy, or simply kept as a precaution.
Liquid oxygen is used in liquid-fueled rockets (used as an oxidizer).